Art of Southeast Asia

Note: These are resources about Southeast Asian Art in general. For specific historical periods, use the navagation links at the bottom of this page.

Southeast Asia - Web Resources
Art in Southeast Asia (links). Chris Witcombe
Art of Southeast Asia. Mike Gunther
Asia. Lonely Planet Guide
Asian Art (articles).
Asian Historical Architecture. Tim Ciccone et. al.
Asian Temples (photos).
Photo Galleries. Alfred Molon
Pictorial Essay on South East Asian Buddha Images. Bob Hudson, University of Sydney, Australia.
Southeast Asia to 1800. Sanderson Beck
Southeast Asian Languages and Cultures. Northern Illinois University
Theravada South East Asia (photo gallery). Q.T. Luong

Burma (Myanmar)
The Art and Culture of Burma. Richard Cooler
Art of Southeast Asia: Burma. Mike Gunther
Bagan, Myanmar. Asian Historical Architecture
Bagan Tamples. Bernard Cloutier

Angkor. Wikipedia
Angkor Vat. Crystal Lotus
Art of Cambodia. Eleanor Mannikka
Art of Southeast Asia: Cambodia. Mike Gunther
Cambodian Art Styles. Insecula (French-language)
Cambodian Images. Huntington Archive
Cambodian Music. Sam-Ang Sam
Images From Cambodia. Mary Ann Sullivan
Khmer Art History. National Museum of Cambodia
Khmer Classical Dance. YouTube
Khmer Dances. Phnom Penh city
Les Arts Khmers, from Angkor Wat Online (French-language)
Millennium of Glory. National Gallery of Art, 1997
Royal Ballet of Cambodia. Wikipedia

Borobudur Home Page. Australian National University
Borobudur. PBS
Culture of Indonesia. Wikipedia
Cultures of Indonesia. Mike Gunther
A Glimpse of Temples in Indonesia. Bureau of Tourism
Images of Indonesia (stock photos).
Memories of Majapahit Kingdom. Unknown author

Art of Southeast Asia: Laos. Mike Gunther
History of Laos to 1945. Wikipedia
Lao Music. Lao Heritage Foundation
Lao Music and Dance.
Meeting Lao Culture. Rivertime Ecolodge Resort
SEAsite Laos. Northern Illinois University
Temples in Laos. National Tourism Authority
Understanding Lao Culture. SEAsite

Art of Southeast Asia: Thailand. Mike Gunther
Arts in Thailand.
Buddhism in Thailand: Its Past and Its Present. Karuna Kusalasaya
Buddhist Arts of Thailand (PDF). Charuwan Chareonla
Ceramic Art in Thailand. Pariwat Thammapreechakorn
Dance in Thailand. Wikipedia
Guide to Thai Art in Thailand. Thailand's World
History of Thailand. Wikipedia
The Making of a Nation. Escape to Thailand
Music of Thailand. Wikipedia
Ramakien (Thai version of Ramayana), and Thai Temple Terms. INM Asia Guides
Thai-Cambodian Culture (e-book, ZIP file). Charuwan Chareonla
Thai Folk. Khanob Thai Co., Ltd

Art of Champa. Wikipedia
Arts of Ancient Viet Nam. Asia Society Museum
Champa Sculpture exhibition. Musee Guimet, 2005-2006
Culture of Vietnam. Wikipedia
Deciphering Ancient Cham Art. James blake Wiener & Dr. Ky Phuong Tran
History of Vietnam. Wikipedia
Lieux Historiques du Vietnam. Hoan Vu and Gilles Kergutuil
Vietnamese Culture.
Vietnamese Culture. Viettouch
Vietnamese Traditional Wooden Architecture (PDF). Nguyen Dinh Toan

Southeast Asia - Museum Collections
Art Institute of Chicago
Asia Society Museum of New York
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Bangkok National Museum. Mike Gunther
Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Cleveland Museum of Art
Denver Art Museum
Free and Sackler Galleries
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Musee Guimet
Metropolitan Museum of Art
National Museum of Cambodia

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