Ancient Near East: Sasanian Empire (226 AD - 642 AD)

(See also: Ancient Near East Resource Page and, for Web and bibliographical searches, the equivalent term "Sasanid" and the alternate spellings "Sassanian" and "Sassanid.")

Web Resources
Kermanshah Rock Sculptures. Wikipedia
Luxury Arts of the Silk Route Empires. Smithsonian Freer and Sackler Galleries
An Overview of the Sasanian Military. Chris Cornuelle
Royal Riches: Metalwork and Ceramics in the Ancient Near East. Smithsonian Freer and Sackler Galleries
Sasanian Clothing. E. A. Young
The Sasanian Empire. University of Washington
Sasanian Iran Collection Highlights. The Hermitage Museum
Sasanian Rock Reliefs. Oriental Art Institute of Chicago
Sasanian Seals. ECAI

Image Links (click inside)
Winged beast
Afghanistan, 3c
Shapur II
Iran, 4c
Shapur II
Iran, 4c
Gilded plate
Iran, 5-6c
Found In China
Iran, 6c
Iran, 7c

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