Korean Art History Resources: Unified Silla (668-935)
Balhae (Manchuria, 698-926)

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Unified Silla - Web Resources
Art of the Silla Kingdom. Wikipedia
Balhae. Wikipedia
Buddhism in the North-South States Period. Wikipedia
Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Grotto. Mike Gunther
Legacy lost: Korea's missing treasures. Korea JoongAng Daily
North South States Period: Unified Silla and Balhae. Let's ROK and Roll
Silla Korea and the Silk Road. Korea Society
Unified Silla. Korean History Project

Unified Silla - Image Links (click inside)
638 7c-8c 7c-8c 8c 8c 8c n.d.
8c 8c n.d. late 8c 9c

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