Korean Art History Resources: Three Kingdoms and Earlier

Jeulmun8000 BC - 1500 BC
Mumun1500 BC - 300 BC
Bronze Age800 BC - 300 BC
Iron Age300 BC - 1 AD
Goguryeo (NK)37 BC 668 AD
Proto-Three Kingdoms (SK)1 AD - 300 AD
Three Kingdoms (SK)300 AD - 668 AD

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Early Korea - Web Resources
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Early Korea - Image Links (click inside)

1. before 300 AD
13,000 BP - 3500 BP 4th millennium BC 7c BC n.d. 4c BC
3c-2c BC 1c-3c AD 2c-3c AD n.d.

2. Goguryeo Tomb Paintings
Anak #3, 357 Anak #3 Muyong, mid 4c Muyong
Tokhung-ri, 408 Sasinchong, 6c Ohoe #5, 6c Gangseo, 6/7c

3. Three Kingdoms - Pottery
5c 5c n.d. n.d. 5c-6c
5c-6c 5c-6c 5c-6c 5c-6c 501-523

4. Three Kingdoms - Gold crowns, metalwork, and ornaments
5c-6c 5c-6c n.d. 5c-6c 5c-6c 5c-6c n.d.
early 6c 6c 3c-7c

5. Three Kingdoms - Buddhist art
6c mid-6c late 6c late 6c 1st half 7c 1st half 7c mid-7c

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