The Early Aegean (3000 - 700 BC)

Cycladic Art 3000 - 2000 BC
Bronze Age2000 - 1100 BC
  • Minoan Crete
  • 2000 - 1400 BC
  • Mycenae
  • 1500 - 1100 BC
    Geometric Period 900 - 700 BC

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    Aegean Prehistoric Archaeology. Jeremy B. Rutter
    Aegean Art slides. University of Oklahoma
    Ceramic History Tutorials: Crete & Mycenae. Victor Bryant
    Jewellery in the Prehistoric Aegean. Hellenic Silver- and Goldsmith Centre (ELKA)
    The Origins of Greek Art in the Louvre

    Cycladic (3d millennium)
    Cycladic Art in the Getty Museum
    Cycladic Art in the Metropolitan Museum of New York
    Cycladic Art. Wikipedia
    Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens

    Crete / Minoa (1st half of 2d millennium)
    Knossos and the Iraklion Museum.
    Minoa, Mycenae, and the Greek Dark Ages. Richard Hooker
    Minoan Snake Goddess. Chris Witcombe
    The Palace of Knossos 3D Virtual Reality tour. British School at Athens

    Troy / Maecenae (2d half of 2d millennium)
    Helladic Greece. Richard Baldwin
    Hesiod, The Homeric Hymns, and Homerica (tr. Hugh G. Evelyn-White). Project Gutenberg
    The Iliad and the Greek Bronze Age. John Porter
    The Iliad and The Odyssey (tr. Samuel Butler). Internet Classics Archive
    Map of the Late Aegean Bronze Age. University of Oregon
    The Trojan War. Wikipedia
    Was There a Trojan War? Manfred Korfmann

    Geometric Period (early 1st millennium)
    Geometric Art in Ancient Greece. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Geometric Art. Wikipedia

    Image Links (click inside)

    1. Cycladic (3000 - 2000 BC)
    Harp Player Female Figure Plastiras Figurine Cycladic Jug

    2. Minoan (2000 - 1400 BC)
    Knossos Palace Snake Goddess Phaistos Disc Throne Room
    Bull-leaping Dolphins Boxing Boys

    3. Mycenaean (1500 - 1100 BC)
    Octopus Jar Triad Stirrup Jar Beaked Jug Kylix "Agamemnon" Vapheio Cups

    4. Geometric Period (900 - 700 BC)
    Krater 750-700 Pyxis 750-735 Pyxis c. 800 Bell Idol c. 700 Bronze Horse 8c

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