Art of Ancient Egypt

Predynastic Period before 3150 BC
Early Dynastic Period
  • Dynasty 0
  • Dynasty 1
  • Dynasty 2
  • 3150-2686 BC
  • 3150-3050
  • 3050-2890
  • 2890-2686
  • Source for dates: Peter A. Clayton, Chronicle of the Pharaohs, Thames and Hudson, 1994

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    Early Egypt - Web Resources
    The City Of The Hawk. Hierakonpolis Online
    Dawn of Egyptian Culture and Dynasties 1-2. Ottar Vendel
    Digital Egypt for Universities: Chronology. University College London
    Early Dynastic Period. Jacques Kinnaer
    A New Look at Ancient Egypt: Origins. University of Pennsylvania Museum
    Predynastic Egypt. Wikipedia
    The Ship Petroglyphs of the Egyptian Eastern Desert.

    Early Egypt - Image Links (click inside)
    Narmer palette 'Scorpion' mace Cult stand Female figure Bone figure Hippo Bowl
    Crocodile Bowl Pot with boats Naqada II jar Frog-shape vessel Gold diadem Ivory comb
    Furniture leg Model house Model cattle

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