Chinese Art History Resources: Song Dynasty

Five Dynasties907 - 960
Liao Dynasty916 - 1125
Northern Song960 - 1126
Jin Dynasty1115 - 1234
Southern Song1127 - 1279

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Song, Liao, Jin - Web Resources
Chinese Art Acquisitions at Metropolitan Challenged. Carter B. Horsley
Monuments of China: Song, Liao, Jin (Mike Gunther)
  •Baoding Shan
Song Dynasty. Leon Poon
Later Confucianism. Gregory James Smits, Pennsylvania State University
Song Dynasty. Ulrich Theobald
Song Dynasty. Wikipedia
The Song Dynasty in China. East Asian Curriculum Project, Columbia University
Song Dynasty and Neo-Confucianism. Sanderson Beck
The Song, Liao, and Jin.
Song Military Technology. Patricia Buckley Ebrey
Song Painting. Patricia Buckley Ebrey
The Sung. Richard Hooker, Washington State University

Song, Liao, Jin - Museum Collections
Asia Society Museum of New York
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Boston Museum of Fine Arts
British Museum
Cleveland Museum of Art
Detroit Institute of Arts
Freer and Sackler Galleries
Kimbell Art Museum
Los Angeles County Museum of Art:
  • Song Dynasty
  • Liao Dynasty
  • Jin Dynasty
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
National Palace Museum, Taipei
  • Painting and Calligraphy of the Northern Sung
  • Art and Culture of the Southern Song
  • Exhibition of Chun Ware
  • Exhibition of Ju Ware
The Palace Museum, Beijing
Tokyo National Museum

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1. Five Dynasties



Star Lady

Stone Reliquary


2. Liao


Dish Guanyin
Lohan Manjusri
Mermaid Phoenix

3. Jin

Alms Bowl
Black Glaze
Cizhou Ware Cizhou Ware Guanyin
Jade Ornament


Oil Drop Glaze
The Red Cliff
Standing Figures
Yaozhou Ware

4. Song - Sculpture and Decorative Arts
Alms Bowl

Brushwasher Dharani Pillar Dish Guanyin
Guanyin Guanyin


Holy Mother

Iron Warrior
Lacquer Tray
Lacquer Tray Lacquer Bowl Lohan
Manjusri Pomegranate Trailokyavijaya
Zhao Zhifeng

5. Song - Ceramics
Celadon Ware Celadon Ware Cizhou Ware Cizhou Ware Cizhou Ware Cizhou Ware Cizhou Ware
Cizhou Ware Cizhou Ware Ding Ware Ding Ware Ding Ware Ge Ware Guan Ware
Guan Ware Guan Ware Jian Ware Jingdezhen Ware Jizhou Ware Jizhou Ware Jizhou Ware
Jizhou Ware Jizhou Ware Jun Ware Jun Ware Jun Ware Longquan Ware Longquan Ware
Qingbai Ware Qingbai Ware
Wuzhou Ware
Yaozhou Ware Yaozhou Ware Yaozhou Ware Yueh Ware

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