East Tower

Ta Som, Angkor, Cambodia
Reign of Jayavarman VII, 1181-1220

Ta Som is a small moated temple (its inner enclosure measures 30m x 20m, about 100' by 66') at the east end of the Jayatataka baray. Left by its restorers in a semi-ruined state, it is somewhat neglected, by tourists and scholars alike. Rewarding features for the visitor include: (1) face towers, on the eastern and western outer gopuras; (2) an outer wall which is built outside, rather than inside, the surrounding moat; and (3) beautiful and well-preserved carved reliefs of apsarasas and devatas that are to be found among the galleries of the temple's inner enclosure.

The temple is oriented towards the east, although the modern tourist entrance is from the west; its towers are arranged in quincunx around the platform. Most have collapsed, and this, the east tower, is the only one left standing. It is seen here from the east, which was the original entrance to the temple.