Meeran Jumma Mosque

Galle Fort

This view, from Flag Rock Bastion, looks east to Point Utrecht Bastion and the lighthouse (previous page). The large white building in the center of the photo is, believe it or not, a mosque, built most unusually in the shape of a Portuguese Baroque cathedral. The building dates from 1904.

"Jumma Mosque" just means the principal mosque (literally, "Friday Mosque," or in Arabic "Jami Masjid") in its local area.

Muslims, most of whom originally descended from Arab traders, form about 7% of the population of Sri Lanka; Christians are another 7%-8%, Hindus 15%, and Buddhists 70% (based on 2001 census). The mosque and churches in Galle illustrate both the reality of distinct minorities and the aspirations of modern Sri Lanka as an inclusive, multicultural state.