The Governor Receiving Honors

West wall of south chamber (diagram)
Deokheung-ri3, 408 A.D.
Taean City, North Korea

This mural in the tomb's antechamber shows tomb owner Jin1 being honored by thirteen officials. His epitaph mentions that he lived from 331-408, was a follower of Buddha, and served as the governor of Yuju2 province under King Gwanggaeto the Great of Goguryeo. The thirteen officials are magistrates, the sub‑governors of the thirteen prefectures (counties) into which Yuju was divided.

1Other spellings of personal name Jin are "Chin" (McCune-Reischauer), "Zhen" (Pinyin), or "Chen" (Wade-Giles).
2Yuju, an ancient province in the area of present-day Beijing, is spelled "Yu-chou" in McCune-Reischauer.
3Deokheung-ri is spelled "Tŏkhŭng-ri" (Tokhungri) in McCune-Reischauer.