Archaeology of Jordan
– including –
Petra and the Nabataeans

Prehistoric Period
Buseirah (Bozrah)
Shkarat Msaied

Classical Period
Amman Citadel - Roman & Islamic citadel
Amman Theater - Roman theater
Azraq - Roman & Islamic fort
Feinan - copper mines
Jerash - Roman city
Petra and the Nabataeans - Nabataean kingdom
Qasr al-Abd - Hellenistic palace
Siq al-Barid - "Little Petra"
Umm al-Jimal - Roman town
Wadi Rum - Nabataean site

Islamic Period
Ajlun - Islamic castle
Amman Citadel - Roman & Islamic Citadel
Amra - Islamic bath complex
Ayla - mosque
Azraq - Roman & Islamic fort
Karak (Kerak) - Crusader castle
Kharana - Islamic desert mansion
Qatrana - Haj fort
Shobak (Shobek) - Crusader castle
Umm ar-Rasas - Byzantine churches and stylite tower

Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian (Jerash)
Church of St. John (Jerash)
Church of Elias, Mary, and Soreg (Jerash)
Churches of St. Stephen and Bishop Sergius (Umm ar-Rasas)
Church of the Virgin Mary (Madaba)
Jerusalem Map (Madaba)
Petra Church

Museums and Institutions
American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR)
Amman Archaeological Museum
Amman Folklore Museum
Kerak Museum
Petra: Lost City of Stone (American Museum of Natural History)
Petra Museum

Map of Jordan
Spelling and Pronunciation

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