Mallikarjuna (l.) and Kashivishvanatha (r.) Temples


Galaganatha Temple (1),
Kadasiddheshvara Temple (1),
Jambulinga Temple (1),
Mallikarjuna Temple (10)
Sangameshvara Temple (1)
Virupaksha Temple (21)

Pattadakal, a ceremonial site of the Early Western Chalukyan kings, is located near Aihole and Badami in Karnataka. The six temples, discussed in the following pages, all date from the first half of the 8th century. However, the Kashivishvanatha temple seen in the photo is Rashtrakutan, from the second half of the 8th century, and there is also a Rashtrakutan (9th century) Jain temple nearby.

Pattadakal contains eight or so temples. These display a mixture of styles, like the group at Aihole. In the photo, for example, northern (r.) and Deccan (l.) towers are displayed side-by-side. All the temples face towards the east.