Ambika Mata Temple

Jagat, Rajasthan


  • Around the temple (6)
  • Goddesses and guardians (9)
  • Celestial ladies (4)

  • This little-known temple in Jagat village, about 50 km southeast of Udaipur, dates to 961 AD. Its numerous fine sculptures are in an excellent state of preservation. Ambika Mata is a Devi (Goddess) temple, with images of Durga and many other female divinities. Ambika, the principal image in the shrine, is a form of the mother goddess who is associated with Durga through her lion mount. She is also connected to the Jains through a vision in which she advised Vimala about building his Adinath temple at Mount Abu.

    The red flags seen in this photo mean that the temple is still being used for worship.