Ravana Shakes Mt. Kailasa

Rameshvara Temple (Cave 21), Ellora

Rameshvara1 was constructed in the late 6th century, making it one of the earliest temples at Ellora. The decorative panels of the temple depict various stories about Shiva. In this relief at the south base of the temple, the demon Ravana (with multiple heads and arms) shakes the base of Mt. Kailasa, annoying Shiva and Parvati in their mountain home. Shiva, however, easily quells the earthquake by pressing down on the mountain with his toe.

1 There are at least a dozen Rameshvara temples in India. The name literally means "Rama and Shiva [Ishvara]," and refers to a story in which Shiva helps Rama fight Ravana. This makes sense because both Shiva and Rama were traditional enemies of the demon king.