Small Buddhist Cave


The cave is decorated with a sculpture in shallow relief depicting a seated Buddha.

The Buddha, whose face has been lost, is flanked by Bodhisattvas bearing chauris. His right hand is raised in abhya mudra ("fear not"). He sits upon a throne whose elaborate arm (photo left) is carved in the shape of an elephant above a rampant lion. The carving of the other arm is different in detail, although similar in outline. Very shallow petal-shaped lines are incised above the Buddha's head, which is surrounded by a circular halo. Inside the halo are some wedge-shaped markings. Left and right panels, on the basement of the throne, are carved with standing lions. These face away from a central panel that consists of an unidentified figure between two wheels.

Painted bindi marks (white parallel lines) were added at a later time. They identify Buddha as the 9th incarnation of Vishnu, and mark a conversion of the cave from Buddhist to Hindu worship.